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What is Breast Enlargement?

breast enlargement or breast augmentation can be accomplished in a variety of ways using different techniques. The various breast enlargement procedures available to women today all aim to augment the size of the breast, providing a realistic look and feel. Some breast enlargement options, like breast implant surgery, can produce dramatic results, while other procedures offer a smaller, but still noticeable change in breast size using injections or the transfer of fat from one area of the body to the breasts.

Breast augmentation can be accomplished overnight through invasive surgical procedures like breast implant surgery or using non-invasive procedures that cause subtle changes over a longer period of time. Because women differ in terms of their willingness to go under the knife to enlarge the breasts, as well as their commitment level to a larger bust size, different breast enlargement procedures may be more appropriate for some women than for others. Learning about the various options available to you will help you make a decision about what procedure would suit you best.

Today’s technology offers women four different options to increase their bust size: fat grafting and breast implants. Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery performed on women today. Another group of women who aren’t willing to undergo surgery are opting for less permanent, but also less invasive procedures involving hyaluronic acid injections like the boob jab. Fat grafting (using a woman’s own fat, harvested from other areas on the body) has given women a more natural alternative to traditional implants.

Breast augmentation procedures are performed for a number of different reasons. Reconstructive breast surgery, for example, may require the use of implants or fat grafting to achieve desirable results. Women who have spent a significant amount of time breast feeding, or who have perhaps just noted the effects of gravity on their body, may find that breast augmentation using fat grafting or implants can restore a more youthful appearance to the breasts. Some women choose breast augmentation procedures in order to fit into their clothing better. Whatever your situation or commitment level to bigger breasts, there is an appropriate option available to you.

About is a web site devoted to educating women about breast enlargement options. The site details the various breast enlargement options available including fat grafting and breast implants, comparing and contrasting these procedures to help potential patients decide what option might suit them best. As you learn more about the various procedures, the placement of incisions (or lack thereof) the risks and benefits, recovery, as well as the costs involved with each of them, you will become better prepared to discuss your unique situation, desires, and goals with a cosmetic surgeon.

Finding the right cosmetic surgeon is extremely important. Your cosmetic surgeon should be board certified, with plenty of experience performing the type of procedure that you decide to pursue. Once you’ve read about the breast enlargement options at, you’ll be ready to seek out qualified plastic or cosmetic surgeons to help you achieve your goals.

When you’re ready, you can seek out a cosmetic surgeon in your area using the Surgeon Locator. Setting up an initial consultation with one or more cosmetic surgeons in your area is easy. When you set up an initial consultation after studying the information at, you’ll be able to discuss how breast augmentation can help you achieve the appearance you want using a procedure that you’re comfortable with for a price you can afford. Before and after images at the BreastEnlargementGuide site can be a useful discussion tool to help you and your surgeon arrive at a consensus about the procedure that would work best on your physique.

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